In Zambia, local HPP member, DAPP Zambia, started its cooperation with PEPFAR via CDC in 2006. Funding was provided to implement the TCE model, including development of HIV home-based testing—a model which was quickly recognized as a success and replicated into more countries. Implementation of TCE initially was carried out in Southern Province, but expanded to Lusaka based on changes in epidemiological patterns.

Since 2016, DAPP Zambia has focused on key populations most at risk and their partners. In 2017, TCE worked in Lusaka around five health facilities and in Sinazongwe around 14 health facilities with good results. In 2017, TCE Zambia counseled and tested 98,671 people.

DAPP Zambia has also addressed the needs of children and youth who are at risk of HIV, given their orphan status and being affected by the disease. PEPFAR/ USAID awarded DAPP Zambia $24 million in 2015. The goal is to implement the Zambia Family South Central Project (ZAMFAM) in 13 districts in Southern and Central Provinces to reach 125,000 OVCs and youth over five years. The project is based on the understanding that it is the Zambian people themselves who can and will improve the care and resilience of OVCs, their families, and their caregivers. Each year, 125,000 OVCs are benefiting from improvements in household resilience and well-being, and access to critical HIV services.

As of 2017:

• 125,000 children have received at least one service each quarter within the core areas of health, education and psychosocial support.

• 86,499 of the registered children have been screened for exposure to HIV using a screening form developed in cooperation with PEPFAR.

• 77,046 children have been tested for HIV, of which 2,816 were found HIV-positive and linked to ART.

• By working closely with local clinics, the project identified and enrolled more than 12,000 HIV-positive children on ART treatment.

• Through 196 local health facilities, the project has also trained 577 community health workers who will be instrumental for sustainable outcomes.

Partners Supporting TCE in Zambia

  • CDC
  • Zambia Sugar PLC
  • FHI360
  • AIDS Health Care Foundation
  • World Vision, Zambia
  • Comprehensive Health AIDS Management Program, Zambia (CHAMP)
  • Kadigraohic Zambia
  • Plan International
  • Zambia Counseling Council, (ZCC)

See our Partnerships page for a comprehensive list of organizations supporting TCE worldwide.