In Namibia, DAPP Namibia has been a direct recipient of PEPFAR funding for over 12 years through CDC. Since 2005, TCE program staff have visited people in their homes, informed them about HIV/AIDS and TB, registered more than 1.4 million people to be part of the program, and tested over 200,000 for HIV.

Working in close partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Namibia and PEPFAR/CDC, the TCE program today covers the capital and the northern and central parts of Namibia. In 2017, 50,623 people were counseled and tested for HIV, out of these, 7.7 percent tested HIV-positive and 81 percent of those diagnosed were instantly linked to ART treatment.

In line with PEPFAR’s strategy, the goal of current TCE programming in Namibia is to achieve epidemic control within a targeted 1 million people. Realizing the goal of an AIDS-free generation, DAPP Namibia is focusing on identifying the undiagnosed HIV-positive people within key and priority populations. It starts with community outreach based on index case testing and counseling and ends with treatment-related viral load suppression.

Once clients test positive, they are referred to the nearest health facility using a bi-direction referral form. A confirmation is made through the returned feedback slip from the health facility as well as the client’s health passport. Additionally, HIV-positive clients are organized into a trio (adherence group comprising three people— the client and two supporters) and six visits are made by a DAPP field officer. Once the client is stable on ART, they graduate into Community Adherence Groups (after six months in a trio). 

Partners Supporting TCE in Namibia

  • Global Fund
  • CDC

See our Partnerships page for a comprehensive list of organizations supporting TCE worldwide.