Development Aid from People to People started TCE in Malawi in July 2006 as a direct response to the rising rate of new HIV infections in Malawi. The program has reached more than 800,000 people in Blantyre and Mulanje districts.

Cooperation with local authorities, other AIDS service providers and the people has been strong, and the program is highly regarded. Thousands of passionates have been mobilized, who work tirelessly in cooperation with the field officers to ensure that their communities understand the need to take control of HIV.  The community has challenged the myths and misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS, and stigma and discrimination is a thing of the past in the two districts. HIV/AIDS is now an issue for public debate.

Mobile Testing

HIV testing has been brought to people’s homes through mobile and house-to-house testing. The program has seen more and more field officers being trained to conduct rapid HIV testing in people’s homes. Bringing HIV testing to the doorstep has been a welcome initiative for many in Malawi who now know their HIV status and can respond accordingly.


TCE in Malawi successfully incorporated a malaria program covering all people in the first four TCE Areas in Blantyre and Chikowi. The population was educated about malaria and how to prevent it and pregnant women received mosquito nets. 

Partners Supporting TCE in Malawi

  • USDA
  • TB Alert
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative
  • National AIDS Commission, Malawi
  • World Bank
  • The Department for International Development, UK

See our Partnerships page for a comprehensive list of organizations supporting TCE worldwide.