Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and hypertensive heart disease have been spreading through India for many years. Fortunately, during the last decade new HIV infections have declined by more than 50 percent.

Equally encouraging is the news that AIDS-related deaths declined by 29 percent from 2007 to 2011. Concerted efforts to prevent the epidemic’s spread are clearly having an impact.  The current focus of the Indian Government is on preventing mother to child transmission (PMTCT), reducing new infections, and upgrading treatment and care facilities.

TCE was launched in India in 2006 on the outskirts of Delhi by Humana People to People India, with support from the Irish Aid Embassy. The area chosen (called Narela) is where migrants to the city take shelter. TCE in India also focuses on high risk groups like commercial sex workers, empowering them to be able to prevent themselves from HIV infection.

Growth and Expansion

In 2008, Johnson & Johnson supported the expansion of TCE to the industrial areas of Himachal Pradesh Province, providing awareness and controlling the spread of the HIV virus through distribution of condoms and HIV testing in and around the operational area.  The success of the program led to further expansions in 2012 in Narela, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh.

More than 276,000 people have been reached by TCE in India. Of these, 46,828 volunteered to be HIV tested. In addition,135,000 have declared themselves TCE compliant.  In terms of condom distribution, over 950,000 were distributed during condom demonstrations. The program also reached 2,437 pregnant women with information on preventing mother to child transmission of HIV.

Diabetes Care

In 2012, a two-year project in Jodhpur began working on diabetes care and support. The main focus was to control the mortality and morbidity rate of diabetes, by increasing awareness and referring people to local community health centers, primary health centers, sub-centers, satellite hospitals, and health care units. 

Partners Supporting TCE in India

  • Global Fund
  • World Bank
  • National AIDS Control Organization, India
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • AIDS Health Care Foundation
  • Irish Aid
  • Plan India
  • Transport Corporation India Foundation (TCIF) in Bihar
  • Hindustan Latex in Uttar Pradesh
  • Bihar SACS
  • Uttar Pradesh SACS

See our Partnerships page for a comprehensive list of organizations supporting TCE worldwide.