China has been slow in coming to terms with its HIV/AIDS epidemic. Recent statistics indicate that more than 28,000 people have died of HIV/AIDS in China, and another 48,000 have been newly infected by the virus (a 0.058 percent infection rate). The good new is that as of September 2011, more than 136,000 AIDS patients received antiretroviral therapy, bringing the treatment coverage rate to 73.5 percent (an increase of 11.5 percentage points compared to 2009).

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"HIV Testing in China Surpasses Targets"

Humana People to People China has been working hard to stem the epidemic’s tide in Sichuan Province, reaching nearly 280,000 people with one-on-one interventions as well as capacity building of health workers and local government.

The TCE project was launched in 2007 in Butuo County (part of Liangshan Prefecture). So far, approximately 3,400 volunteers have become local passionates, nearly 200,000 condoms have been distributed, 2,300 individuals have been tested, and more than 130,000 individuals have fully complied with their individual prevention programs.

TCE expanded in 2014 to reach an additional 134,000 people over three years. This expansion will focus on HIV testing and referrals to appropriate health services, condom demonstrations and distribution, and identification of drug users for referral for methadone treatment.

Partners Supporting TCE in China

  • Global Fund
  • Yunnan Poverty Alleviation Office, China
  • Asian Development Bank
  • C-Map – China
  • World Bank

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