TCE's success in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS was applauded on World AIDS Day (December 1) by the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on the Fund's website.  The specific focus is on the ongoing TCE project being implemented in Nampula, Mozambique by ADPP Mozambique.

IFAD gave special praise to the TCE field officers:

"(The) highly committed field officers, all from local communities in the project area, have been one of the key factors in (the project's) success. Their systematic, door-to-door approach to delivering information on HIV prevention – combined with the involvement of the community in group sessions and close collaboration with community leaders, local institutions, partners and other NGOs – have been crucial in changing minds and behaviour."     —IFAD

TCE in Nampula, Mozambique is supported by the Belgian Fund for Food Security under the Costal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Nutrition Improvement Project (CHAPANI) grant. The CHAPANI project is a three-year initiative that was launched in May 2012. The overall goal is to improve food security and livelihoods of households involved in artisanal fishery.

The TCE component of CHAPANI is reaching 50,000 people and aims to: (a) mobilize people in the fishing communities; (b) increase their knowledge about HIV/AIDS; (c) change risky sexual behaviour; and (d) diversify the regular diet.

Read more about the work being done in Mozambique by clicking here



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