While the developmental challenges in the world today are many, the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the general lack of information are critical problems that need to be addressed, for they both have a significant influence on the current and future well-being of society.

The TCE program combats the epidemic by mobilizing individuals and entire communities to take control of HIV/AIDS. The program builds its base on the understanding that it is only the people who can liberate themselves from the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and, thus, its primary focus is to enable the community to respond to the socio-economic factors that the epidemic poses.

This is achieved through the intensive use of community volunteers, local staff, and by strengthening and working with community based organizations and faith based organizations, local schools, and local committees. This is a holistic approach that aims to enable long-term sustainability in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The TCE program focuses on individual decisions mainly based on abstinence and fidelity, and prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), access to home-based care and voluntary counseling and testing services.

Field officers promote the use of condoms as a prevention method for those thought to be at risk of being infected, to prevent re-infection to those who already test HIV positive and also as a family planning method. TCE believes that a diversified approach focusing on prevention and care for those affected and infected with HIV is crucial in the fight against the epidemic.


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