How What We Do Helps

TCE has had considerable reach, covering over 20 million people in 12 countries. The program has been very well received by communities, governments and other local organizations. The more significant program outcomes include a substantial increase in testing, use of condoms and uptake of health services where TCE is implemented. (Find out more about TCE outputs and outcomes by clicking here.)

Human Sciences Research Council

In 2010, Human Sciences Research Council conducted an external evaluation of the TCE program. The evaluation utilized a cross-sectional survey of 1,200 TCE beneficiaries in South Africa. An overwhelming 92% of respondents indicated that TCE had made a lasting change in their lives. Moreover, 91% who were HIV negative felt empowered to avoid infection.

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Evaluation Update: An extensive evaluation of the impact of TCE in a rural district in Zambia is beginning in August 2014. The evaluation is being carried out under the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia as partners.  The study will measure HIV prevalence and incidence and assess health-seeking behaviors for HIV prevention, care and treatment.

The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

An earlier external evaluation performed in 2008 in Namibia by the Royal Tropical Institute found that the TCE Program had made significant inroads into the communities it reached, and that the acceptance level of the program was remarkably high.

Download the full report by clicking on the cover to the left.

Among the many achievements was an increase in testing. "When respondents at the household were asked if they tested, many said ‘yes,’" wrote the evaluators. "This is very encouraging, especially since a sizable number of the people reported being tested after meeting with the TCE Field Officer."

Further Updates

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