TCE Namibia on BBC and Devex

  DAPP Namibia has been actively involved in implementing a community-centered approach in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in Namibia for over 10 years. This contribution, together with the government’s political will and support, has assisted in creating an effective environment… More >>

President Bush Visits Africa to Highlight PEPFAR Progress

President George W. Bush and Laura Bush visited Namibia and Botswana during World Health Worker Week to pay tribute to the success of the fight against HIV/AIDS. This week President George W. Bush and Laura Bush visited the countries of Botswana and Namibia to praise the incredible work tha… More >>

TCE Testing Gets Recognition

An article appearing in Namibia's national newspaper New Era highlighted how field officers in rural Namibia are helping people learn their HIV status.   A Havana resident, Monalisa Koreses, was quoted in the article, saying: “It’s good that we have people walking from hous… More >>

TCE Success in Namibia

The newspaper The Namibian recently featured a story about the success of the TCE program in the Kavango region in Namibia. The story is entitled, "Field officer heroes save lives in rural communities." Read the full text More >>